It started with a simple thought:

We eat to nourish our body, shouldn't we do the same for our brain?

Often when we think about food we only consider the effect it has on our bodies but, research shows the food we eat significantly affects our brains health, function and mental well-being.  Unfortunately most diets today lack key nutrients needed by our brain to remain healthy and function optimally. This is the journey of NEURISH - the smart solution to fill in the gaps of a brain-healthy diet.

Our Story

"After Alzheimer's stole my grandfather's mind, I began focusing on the significant effect food has on the brain. I realized that even with eating a 'healthy' diet, I was still lacking key nutrients my brain needed to remain healthy and protected. I searched for an on-the-go snack to nourish my brain but was unable to find one.  This led me to use my nutritional expertise as an ACSM Certified Health and Fitness Specialist and former Brain Rehab Technician to create BRAIN SUPERFOOD BITES.  BRAIN SUPERFOOD BITES are designed to give on-the-go people the boost their brain needs to function optimally today and remain healthy tomorrow." 


Chris Wagner, Founder


Our Story

Warning: These Bites Kick ALZ

NEURISH is proud to partner with Hilarity For Charity to provide financial aid to families who cannot afford care for their loved ones.

Each bag sold = 1 minute of Alzheimer's caregiving.

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Rethinking Nutrition

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